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Cherry Cultivars


Erdi Botermo cv

Danube® is the perfect retail and U-pick companion cherry to Jubileum. It ripens a week before Montmorency and 5 days after Jubileum®.

Danube® has large, firm, bright red fruits with red juice and flesh. The flesh is much more substantial than Montmorency and makes an excel-lent processed product. It picks with a dry stem scar and will sit at room temperature for several days with no loss of quality.

Danube® is very tart/sweet, up to 23 brix, and can be eaten out of hand. It’s also great for pies, jam, wine and cordials. Danube® has a very high Anthocyanin content and can be marketed for pain management.

Danube was introduced by Dr. Amy Iezzoni of Michigan State University. It was tested at ‘Erdi Botermo’ and is licensed to 10 nurseries in the United States.