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Apple Cultivars

Autumn® Gala

Harry Black cv., USPP 12,842

A new, late maturing Gala, the perfect solution for warm areas where regular Gala matures too early. Autumn Gala® ripens approximately five weeks after regular Gala to a delightful, hard, crunchy apple with the popular Gala flavor and appearance.

Autumn Gala® is much firmer and crunchier than other Galas and stores exceptionally well. It has the original blushed red-orange over yellow coloration that appeals to Gala fanciers everywhere. Autumn Gala® fits the bill for farm markets, u-pick and direct marketing operations wishing to extend their Gala season into the fall. It’s also perfect for warmer climates where regular Gala ripens too early to meet customer demand.

Autumn Gala® tends to be a small apple and should be thinned well to obtain optimum size. As with other Gala clones, Autumn Gala® is susceptible to fire blight and a preventative spray program should be used.